Lirik Lagu Girl Next Door - Apple Juice

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Girl Next Door lyrics - Apple Juice

She’s just a girl next door
Will never be yours
Just like a dream when she steps to your floor

She had all she wanted
You’ll never be cool
Just stand by her side then you’ll know you’re a fool

She’ll be your friend
She’ll see you again
You can be the one who just know how its end

She’ll be your heartache..she’ll be your cure
She don’t even know you can give her more
She’ll never could let her be..
Whatever..she wanna..

She said that she care..
Will always be there
The more that you lay back the more she’s okay

I can see her smiling..
wWenever you’re calling..
Its hard to believe that she still on a swing

Would ever be true..she said she’ll do
Give you the love and her soul to you..


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